15 Diy Crafts As Party Decorations

15 Diy Crafts As Party Decorations

You are going to have a party and don’t know how to decorate your house. This problem is often found. Of course, you want your decorations to be the one and only. We can offer you some DIY ideas of party decorations.

First of all you should think over the theme of the party. Do you agree that decorations for Saint Valentine’s Day, Christmas party and Halloween will be different? Decorations should reflect the main point of your party. Let’s consider examples.

The simplest decision is color paper, scissors and stapler or glue.  You can cut out whatever you want: different banners, garlands, cones for snacks. Using cloth, scissors and needle with thread you can make flower balls or just flowers. From toothpicks you can with ease make magic buzzes. Balloons can be made more joyful with the help of glue and spangles. And ping pong balls can make your old LED lights new and good-looking. You also can decorate your chandelier and ceiling with colorful ribbons or paper strips. Even tinsel can be made by your hands.

DIY is so popular, because it’s useful, interesting to do and saving your money. Enjoy making your own party decorations! We hope our advices will help you.


21 Diy Colorful Home Lighting Ideas

21 Diy Colorful Home Lighting Ideas

Do-it-yourself activities become more and more popular. There are so many things that you can make with your own hands and so many ideas how to do it. Here we would like to talk about DIY lightning ideas.

They can be indoors and outdoors, for everyday or for party, Christmas ones and so on. For example, you can make different lampshades from paper, cloth, corrugate paper or even jam jars. You can also paint these materials. The next interesting and often used material in lightning is fairy lights. It can be used not only at Christmas time, but every day. Where? Of course, in your bedroom. Fairy lights will make this room much more cozy and romantic. As for Christmas decoration garlands are used in many options. You can decorate fur-tree, walls inside and outside the house, your garden with light balls made from fairy lights. For Christmas lightning decorations you can also use candles, pinecones, fir branches and ribbons. Candles can be put in glassworks not to set a fire. You can use even glassware and wine bottles. One more idea for your garden is to put lamps in glass pots and then use them like pots for flowers.

Enjoy our lightning ideas and think over your own. Good luck!


15 Diy Projects For Home And Garden

15 Diy Projects For Home And Garden

If you like to do something with your own hands, this article is for you. You firsthand know what do-it-yourself means. You like to decorate all around you and certainly don’t forget about your home and garden.

Surely you have many ideas how to make something unusual from something common. But new ideas are always necessary too. What do you think about a table made from wine barrel? It can be very convenient , because you can store something inside such table. For example, wine bottles. And what about shelves for flowers or a table made from wooden boxes? It looks really great and so easy to do! One more genius idea is to make a clothes rail from water-pipes. Difficult to believe but it’s so beautiful and will have outstanding effect on your guests. And Christmas tree toys? They have very big potential in DIY. From big ones you can make even vases for tiny flowers or other plants. Whatever size of Christmas tree toy you can also make a new toy from it, even fluffy one.

A little imagination and skilful fingers are all what you need in do-it-yourself.

To help you we collected 15 DIY ideas for your home and garden. Enjoy watching!


22 Diy Pallet Furniture Projects For Home And Garden

22 Diy Pallet Furniture Projects For Home And Garden

Nowadays DIY activities become more and more popular. Do-it-yourself stuff can be useful and much cheaper than finished goods. And the most important thing that the process of “doing-it-yourself” can be so interesting that you can be involved only by this reason.

Today we want to talk about pallet furniture. It’s an amusing idea for DIY, isn’t it? What furniture from pallets can you imagine? For example, you can make a bed from them. With headboard or without it. Or you can make a swing. Or a swinging bed. You can make almost all furniture from pallets. You can varnish or paint it and even leave it without processing. What else? You can make different shelves for books, for flowers, for towels in the bathroom, for tableware. You can even make a cupboard. You can make all types of tables: dinner table, coffee table, picnic table, table for breakfast in bed and other ones. Chairs are also available for making them with your own hands. And what about hanger for clothes and shoe shelf in the hallway? Of course, they can be made from pallets.

We can continue enumeration infinitely. But it’s better to stop here and let your imagination go ahead. Enjoy your pallet furniture!


16 Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

16 Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

The most romantic holiday in the year is, of course, Saint Valentine’s Day. Often we prepare for this day in advance, we make or buy valentine cards, we think over what to wear, where to go, what gifts to give and so on.  There is one more question – how to decorate your home to make happy your loved one.

This question has many answers and the most interesting certainly are DIY ideas. Let’s start from the simplest. Take scissors and color paper and cut out many valentines. You can decorate with them almost everything in your house: walls, ceiling, floor, curtains, your bed… Whatever you want. You can also make garlands from valentines. Next traditional decoration material for St. Valentine’s Day is roses and rose petals. Petals like valentines can be everywhere, but the most sensible is to put them on your bed or in the bath. Add candles there. Next thing is your photos, which also can be a piece of decoration. Use them in garlands and among valentines. And don’t forget about balloons, they always make a holiday joyful. Balloons can be decorated with glitter. And the most creative decoration stuff is small love letters, which also can be everywhere.

We wish you really happy St. Valentine’s Day! Love and be loved!

12 Diy Ideas- Antique Your Furnitures

12 Diy Ideas- Antique Your Furnitures

Many people want to have something very old in their houses to be proud of it. For example, to tell such stories as “this cupboard fell to me from my grandma and she got it from her aunt-cousin”. Or because such furniture can make one’s heart soar and all the guests would be thrilled. Or just because antique stuff is beautiful.

Many people want, but very little have. Now we want to advise you how to change the situation for the better. You can take your ordinary furniture and distress it. It’s so simple! You need minimum skills and money and about 2 days of your time. Ready? Get on with it!

Let’s get back to our cupboard. We’ll take modern one and make it antique. First of all we should clean the cupboard, remove doors and hardware. Then we should sand the surface using a sander and sandpaper. The next step is primer and paint. We apply a thin coat of primer and then 2 coats of paint. The last one is applied by brush and then the previous is still wet. After that we re-sand our cupboard and put the finishing coats of stain and polyurethane. In the end we install doors and hardware. It’s better to buy another hardware in antique shop.

That’s all! Now you are a happy owner of antique cupboard!

14 Diy Recycled Jeans Ideas

14 Diy Recycled Jeans Ideas

Do it yourself activity is always a creative work. Sometimes ideas for this work are surprising and odd. For example, one of them is recycling jeans for interior design. What can be more unexpected? Let’s consider this idea.

Almost all of us wear jeans and have several pairs. Sometimes they get old or go out of date or we just get bored of them. You can throw them away. But if you are a DIY addicted person, you never do this. Why? You will make many cozy things for your house, of course.

The most essential part of regular jeans is their hip pockets. You cannot imagine how much you can make from them. Sew them down to any piece of cloth and hang it in your working area. It can be used for storage all stuff that you need working at desk: pens, pencils, markers, scissors, rulers, erasers, staplers and so on. Make coach cushion from jeans and you will never lose your remote control because it can be kept in hip pocket. Sew round some furniture with jeans cloth, for example, chairs, and they will become modern and jaunty. Make a jeans table napkin and put flatware in a pocket. It’ll look so coolly and graceful at the same time.

Enjoy these and other ideas at our pics!


16 Diy Recycle Storage Ideas

Stuff storage in a house gives you freedom to decide how it can be. There are so many ideas which you can bring to life with your own hands. If you like DIY activity, there can be much to do.

There are so many ideas because we keep things almost everywhere at home; there is something to store in every room. Let’s consider some examples. You can use jars for products and spices storage in your kitchen, for toothpaste and toothbrushes storage in your bathroom, for keeping little things, such as buttons, threads and so on. One more universal thing for storage is woven basket. It also can be used in every room. In bathroom you can keep towels in baskets, in bedroom you can put pajamas there, in kitchen you can use them for bread storage, etc. The next example is carton boxes. There can be kept not only shoes. Take color paper and other decoration stuff and make such box good-looking. Now you can use it like a jewel-case or cosmetic case or box for important little things. There are also many odd, but elegant, ideas like using a bottle carrier as a towel rail.

Enjoy photos and feel inspired!


15 Diy Floating Shelve Selections

15 Diy Floating Shelve Selections

Floating shelves are very popular among DIY projects. They are simple to make, materials for them cost almost nothing, and they are very useful indeed. You can put on floating shelves anything you want. There can be your photos, some pictures, vases, something you brought from a vacation, even heavy stuff. Floating shelves are strong in addition.

These shelves were popular about fifty years ago and came back nowadays as any other good idea. We make them the same way as there and then. It’s just a box hanging on brackets which are hidden inside the box. Floating shelves fit minimalist interior design because they have no external visible holdings. They look as if they are “floating” on the wall.

And some practical advises in the end. If you are going to paint walls, do it before hanging shelves not to bedaub them. And it would be much easier if you paint shelves before install them. Floating shelves can be made from a half of hollow core door, so from two halves of the door you will get two shelves. And the last remark, these shelves are impossible to remove without breaking them, they are permanent. But there is no problem, because you always can make a new one.


15 Diy Wall Library For Bookworm

15 Diy Wall Library Ideas

To read or not to read? That isn’t a question for people who like reading, for so called bookworms. They read much and certainly have many books. These books need a place in a house and it would be better if the place is eye-filling. Let’s look through some DIY ideas how to make a wall library for a bookworm. Do-it-your-shelf instead of Do-it-yourself 😉

Bookshelves can be different. They can be ordinary and dull or unusual and fresh. What do you think about shelves in the shape of a tree? It seems to be a good idea, because of association that books are made from trees. Shelves can be located on branches or in the body of the “tree”. And what about two stepladders which with the help of planks form extraordinary shelves? It looks really great and can be used not only for books. Other idea is shelves in the form of words. For example, a word “READ” or a word “BOOKS”. There also can be shapes of people, animals, and others. Don’t forget about such a thing like bookmarker, it can be also a shelf for one book. Just put a stick at right angles to the wall and you’ll get two-in-one: shelf and bookmarker.