15 Cozy Dorm Room Decoration Ideas

18 Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Dining room isn’t an easy space for decoration. This room performs the functions of two other rooms in a house: kitchen and living room. You should take into account this aspect. People in a dining room not only eat, they often have rest there, welcome guests, spend time with family.

First of all estimate the size of your dining room. Of course, it’s much easier to work with big dining room than with a small one. If the room is big you can afford a big dining table. If the room is small you should play about with lightning. Definitely, lightning is very important here, because we get used to eat in the light. If there is poor natural lightning, use more artificial one, use spot lightning. Mirrors in a small dining room are a must. They will help you to enlarge the space and add light.

The next task is to examine the shape of your dining room. Shape and placement of furniture will depend on this point. Placement of decorative fixtures is also according to shape of the place.

What decorations can be used? Use here the same stuff as in other rooms: flowers, family photos; but also don’t forget about specific things: panel picture with grace before meat, for example.


15 Cozy Dorm Room Decoration Ideas

15 Cozy Dorm Room Decorations

If you are a student living in a dorm, you exactly want to live somewhere else. This place can hardly be qualified as a homelike one. All of us want to live in comfortable and cozy spaces, but when we study we often cannot choose. And what should you do in such situation? Should you accept it? Of course, no. Below you’ll find some ideas how to decorate your dorm room.

In the first place you should define aspects which will help you to understand what and how you will decorate. You live alone in the room or have neighbors; what size and shape your room has; if natural light is poor or not; if artificial light is enough.

When all aspects are marked you can settle down to decoration itself. Don’t forget about the main idea – you need a cozy space as a result. Use photos of your family and friends to make garlands, or just put them in frames, or make a heart of photos or even fill a whole wall with them.  Laundry baskets can be used as drawers, for example. You can use blackboard and chalks as a planner. And as seats you can use different boxes and pillows.

Enjoy decorating your dorm room!


15 Quirky Tiny House Decorations

15 Quirky Tiny House Decorations

Tiny houses become more and more popular. But many people don’t know what tiny house looks like and why somebody wants to live there.  Let’s try to puzzle out.

First of all, living in a tiny house is very thrifty. Your utility bills can be almost nothing in comparison with big house or spacious apartment bills. You can have additional money and spend them on travelling, for example, or something else. The next reason for living in such house is its queerness. Great many people want to have an unusual home, but almost all of them cannot afford it. Tiny houses have reasonable price, but they are very quirky.

The size of a tiny house is usually about forty square meters. All stuff in a tiny house is tiny too, of course. You should be ready to use tiny sink and take a shower in extremely tight shower unit. Beds can be located under the floor or one over another. You can find no familiar wardrobe there, because it also can be under the floor. Or clothes can be kept in drawers into the ladder. A tiny house can be two or even three-storied. Certainly, levels will be tiny too.

Enjoy watching some tiny house decoration ideas!


16 Classy Home Decoration- Tile Arts With Eastern Motifs

16 Classy Home Decoration- Tile Arts With Eastern Motifs

Middle East attracts us with its beauty and inscrutability. If you ever been there you certainly want to come back. Its architecture is so rich in decoration and ornaments that you would like to admire it more and more. What about taking this beauty home?

It’s very easy if this refers to tile arts. These little pieces of art, in the truest and figurative senses of the word, are able to bring an oriental fairy tale to your house. Tiles are not only eye-filling, but also user-friendly. They are easy to wash, waterproof, wearproof and easy on the pocket that is worthy of note.

Where can you use them? You wouldn’t believe, but in every room. In bathroom you can put tiles to walls and floor. In entrance hall tiles will also look fine and perform the practical functions. In kitchen they can lay over floor, table working surface, area near kitchen stove. In living room and bedrooms tiles can be used as a decoration of fireplace or pieces of wall or floor decorations.

But let’s return to Ottoman motifs in tiles. They will make your home cozy and enigmatic. This tile art is another world itself, and if you want to become utterly absorbed in it, just buy it and take home.


26 Best Cottage Design Ideas

26 Best Cottage Design Ideas

Some people are dreaming about living in cottages, other ones are living there. And almost all of us are interested in cottage design. Country style, a lot of wood and red bricks, cane furniture, fireplace and cute curtains are the calling card of every cottage.  Let’s speak about some cottage design ideas.

Fireplace should occupy the central part of the cottage, rather the central part of its living room. It can be made of red bricks and decorated with wood and stones or kept without decoration. Cane furniture looks great all around the cottage, even in kitchen and bathroom. Also use woven baskets in all rooms for different purposes: in bathroom you can keep towels there, in kitchen – bread and other products, in bedroom – blankets, for example. Two-tier beds are a great idea for nurseries. Children like them and they look homely. One more idea is about vintage furniture. If you cannot afford real vintage stuff, you can do it yourself. You should make new furniture look old. It’s not as complicated as it seems to be.

Pastel and warm colors are often used in cottages. Big windows are also a must here. The more light you have, the cozier will be your cottage.


18 Effects Of Different Cultures On Home Decoration

18 Effects Of Different Cultures On Home Decoration

Great Home Decoration Ideas From Different Cultures

Decorating your home in the perfect way is one of the most important things for anyone. The best way to go is to decorate your home using decoration ideas from your own culture or other cultures. There are many ways to decorate a house, however doing it according to a culture is a great idea. It is important that everything that you use in order to decorate your home should match and complement each other. Here you will find some great home decorating ideas from different cultures.

Mediterranean Home Décor

The Mediterranean home décor style includes a whole lot of cultures, in the list are countries like Spain, France, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Egypt and many more such countries. Basically all the countries that touch the Mediterranean are in the list. There are a vast number of cultures that come under the hood of Mediterranean, therefore you can have many different styles to decorate your home.

Asian Home Décor

Number two on the list is Asian home décor, it is without any doubt one of the most popular style of decorating your home. The most popular cultures that are used in Asian home décor are Chinese, Japanese and Indian. These cultures focus a lot on home décor therefore if you choose to use this style then you will find your home to be flawless.

English Home Décor

England is one of the oldest countries of the world, it has seen many centuries and in each century their home décor style seemed to change. However, some things are never forgotten and old English home décor techniques are still used. This style is without any doubt one of the most beautiful styles.

These were some of the best home decoration ideas from different cultures of the world. There are many more ideas but these are some of the most popular ones.