15 Diy Projects For Home And Garden

15 Diy Projects For Home And Garden

If you like to do something with your own hands, this article is for you. You firsthand know what do-it-yourself means. You like to decorate all around you and certainly don’t forget about your home and garden.

Surely you have many ideas how to make something unusual from something common. But new ideas are always necessary too. What do you think about a table made from wine barrel? It can be very convenient , because you can store something inside such table. For example, wine bottles. And what about shelves for flowers or a table made from wooden boxes? It looks really great and so easy to do! One more genius idea is to make a clothes rail from water-pipes. Difficult to believe but it’s so beautiful and will have outstanding effect on your guests. And Christmas tree toys? They have very big potential in DIY. From big ones you can make even vases for tiny flowers or other plants. Whatever size of Christmas tree toy you can also make a new toy from it, even fluffy one.

A little imagination and skilful fingers are all what you need in do-it-yourself.

To help you we collected 15 DIY ideas for your home and garden. Enjoy watching!


21 Diy Halloween Decoration Ideas

21 Diy Halloween Decoration Ideas

If you are planning to host an indoor or outdoor Halloween party, you need to take care about the place. We have collected some indoor and outdoor decoration pictures to give you an idea for Halloween party.

Pumpkins are the most useful materials for the Halloween decorations. You can just put them on the floor or you can design them as a candle. In this form, you can hang them to trees, put on the floor or somewhere else in your home or at the garden. Apart from pumpkins, it’s possible to lighting up the jars. You can prepare some jarred heads using paper and some liquid.

If you want to give a memorable party for the guests, you must decorate the outside as well as the inside. Creating a fake cemetery in the front yard would be an interesting idea. It’s not so hard to decorate it, on the other hand, it gives eerie effect.  You can use some special effects and lighting items that you can easily find in the markets.

Among your guests also should be ghosts. You can make them using white cloth or plastic bags. It’s very easy, but looks great. Certainly, you can buy ghosts in a market, if you don’t want to make them.

Spiders are always invited to such party as Halloween too. You can put them everywhere: walls, ceiling, floor, lamps and so on. You can draw them, make them using paper or cloth and buy, of course.

Trick or treat! Have a scary Halloween!

20 Unusual Buildings

20 Unusual Buildings

Many people in modern world live in houses and apartments. And greater part of these homes is almost the same. They have different locations, sizes, zoning, inside and outside decorations, but they are usual and common to us. But just imagine what can happen if everyone can live in a dream house. Most people will choose unusual houses rather than ordinary ones.

One is the tallest in the world, another has a shape of giant basket, one more is dancing and other is sculptured in the living rock. There so many ideas! You will be surprised, but some crazy ideas were brought to life. There are many unusual architectural wonders all over the world. You can find them even strange and odd, but they are beautiful, because unique.

Look at these wonder houses. They can be made in stones, turned on its head or its edge; they can look like fell to pieces or like a spaceship; they can take the shape of containers, capsules, and even shoes, mushrooms and kettles!

But the most interesting architectural wonders seem to be old ones. Modern unusual houses are only the idea of an architect which is easy to bring to life with the help of money. And the ancient ones, they always have secrets and hold occult within themselves.



23 Cozy Nursery Decoration Ideas For Junior Members of Your Family

24 Cozy Nursery Decoration Ideas For Junior Members Of Your Family

Nursery design includes many tasks. This accommodation plays roles of a bedroom, a game room and a child’s working area. At the same time nursery design ideas should be mobile, because children are growing up and their needs are changing faster than their parents will be ready for a next renovation. Except age you should consider child’s gender, in teenage years especially.

So often several kids live in one nursery, and their age and gender can differ. In that case you can zone nursery for older and smaller kids, or for girls and boys. Also you can zone nursery depending on its functionality. The 1st zone can be a bedroom; the bed stays here and lightning is not bright. The 2nd zone can be a working area; there are a table and chairs, bookcase; this zone is better to place near the window to get day light, but you shouldn’t forget about lamplight. The 3rd zone can be a play space; it’s not so important where it is located, but it is essential to make this zone compact and multifunctional. The 4th zone can be a wardrobe.

Your baby can help you to define color solutions. It’s important to take into account his or her wishes, if he or she can represent them, of course. Because your baby, not you, is going to live in nursery. If your baby is big enough, you can suggest him or her to take part in nursery design. Let your kid choose wallpapers or furniture color or a place, where a bed will stay. It’s so good if children feel comfortable in their own interiors.

13 Entrance Hall Decoration Ideas

13 Entrance Hall Decoration Ideas

You may think that entrance hall design is not important task, because we don’t spend much time there, just go through it. But there is another aspect. Entrance hall is a face of our home, it’s a first thing what our guests see when coming in. And a face must be beautiful, mustn’t it? If you agree, this article is for you. Let’s talk about entrance hall design.

The most difficult part of task is entrance hall itself, its size and shape. If you own an ordinary flat, your entrance hall is small and square or it is a long tight corridor where two people can hardly cross. But you should put there seasonal outer garments and footwear, a chair, a shelf for accessories (keys, umbrellas, gloves and so on) and may be a mirror. It becomes clear that entrance hall design isn’t an easy task. After all you shouldn’t forget about good look.

We’ve already found out that entrance hall design planning depends on its functionality. Now let’s talk about walls and floor. Entrance halls are often so small that you should use light colors, mirrors and horizontal patterns for walls decoration. All these methods will help you to increase space visually. Floor should be waterproof and easy to clean. Glazed tile is an ideal material for the floor. But you can use parquet, if you want, protected it with waterproof rug.

Keep in mind lightning solutions for entrance hall. It will be better if you have more sources of light here.

A Full Pouch Of Comfortable Lounge Decorations

A Full Pouch Of Comfortable Lounge Decorations

Lounge is the most attended room in apartment or house. It’s so important to think out lounge design, because we spend much time there. Lounge can perform many functions, so its design is more difficult task than design of other rooms.

Firstly, lounge is a restroom for owners. Here you can comfortably sit on a sofa or cozy chair, watch an interesting film, read a book or listen to music, have a rest from rush. Lounge also can be a place where a family have dinners and suppers, because there are not so much space and not always so comfortable at kitchen.

Secondly, we often welcome guests here. In that case lounge can be not only the place, where we have rest, communicate and take food, but also be a bedroom for guests, if there is no guests’ bedrooms in apartment.

Lounge design will depend on all functions that you want to take. Additional to functionality in lounge design you should think over stylistic, color and lightning solutions as in other rooms design. Don’t forget about the size of your lounge. It’s very important when choosing furniture. If the lounge is small, your furniture should be portable. The placement of lounge also can be important. Lounge often is located in the centre of apartment and have no doors, but have entrances from several rooms. It’s very difficult to keep comfort and not to lose functionality in such conditions.

Think over all aspects in advance. May be our decoration ideas will help you to understand what you want. Find them below!

19 Home Decoration Ideas For Everyone

19 Home Decoration Ideas For Everyone

Interior design is a design sector, which is aimed at accommodation interior to assure comfort and esthetic cooperation between environment and people. Interior design includes art and industrial design. In accordance with client’s specifications designer optimizes accommodations, improves navigation, works out decoration scheme, which is suitable for accommodation role. Designer controls the process of interior decoration starting with planning of space, lightning, air ventilation system, architectural acoustics, wall finish, and ending with furniture location.

Interior design as a part of architecture includes variety of styles which were appeared in different historical eras. The same accommodation can be decorated in different styles: Modern, High Tech and so on. Quantity of interior styles is much more than architectural ones.

To draw out interior design you should start with interior design plans and specifications, which include functional and design solutions. Outline plan and sketches are composed after accommodation measurements. Than designer offers the client some layout versions, which will necessarily includes furniture placement and accommodation functional zoning. After zoning is confirmed by the client the next stage starts. It’s a stage of working out the projects of electrical appliance positions; walls, ceiling and floor decoration plans; furniture and plumbing equipment placement.

The finishing stage of interior design plans and specifications is its realization. Designer controls carrying-out of clients’ requirements, in other words controls repair crew. Designer also fills in documents confirming expendable materials costs.

Why do we need interior design? The answer is simple – just for life. Comfortable interior defines good quality of our life.

22 Diy Pallet Furniture Projects For Home And Garden

22 Diy Pallet Furniture Projects For Home And Garden

Nowadays DIY activities become more and more popular. Do-it-yourself stuff can be useful and much cheaper than finished goods. And the most important thing that the process of “doing-it-yourself” can be so interesting that you can be involved only by this reason.

Today we want to talk about pallet furniture. It’s an amusing idea for DIY, isn’t it? What furniture from pallets can you imagine? For example, you can make a bed from them. With headboard or without it. Or you can make a swing. Or a swinging bed. You can make almost all furniture from pallets. You can varnish or paint it and even leave it without processing. What else? You can make different shelves for books, for flowers, for towels in the bathroom, for tableware. You can even make a cupboard. You can make all types of tables: dinner table, coffee table, picnic table, table for breakfast in bed and other ones. Chairs are also available for making them with your own hands. And what about hanger for clothes and shoe shelf in the hallway? Of course, they can be made from pallets.

We can continue enumeration infinitely. But it’s better to stop here and let your imagination go ahead. Enjoy your pallet furniture!


16 Valentine's Day Decor Ideas

16 Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

The most romantic holiday in the year is, of course, Saint Valentine’s Day. Often we prepare for this day in advance, we make or buy valentine cards, we think over what to wear, where to go, what gifts to give and so on.  There is one more question – how to decorate your home to make happy your loved one.

This question has many answers and the most interesting certainly are DIY ideas. Let’s start from the simplest. Take scissors and color paper and cut out many valentines. You can decorate with them almost everything in your house: walls, ceiling, floor, curtains, your bed… Whatever you want. You can also make garlands from valentines. Next traditional decoration material for St. Valentine’s Day is roses and rose petals. Petals like valentines can be everywhere, but the most sensible is to put them on your bed or in the bath. Add candles there. Next thing is your photos, which also can be a piece of decoration. Use them in garlands and among valentines. And don’t forget about balloons, they always make a holiday joyful. Balloons can be decorated with glitter. And the most creative decoration stuff is small love letters, which also can be everywhere.

We wish you really happy St. Valentine’s Day! Love and be loved!

15 Cozy Dorm Room Decoration Ideas

18 Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Dining room isn’t an easy space for decoration. This room performs the functions of two other rooms in a house: kitchen and living room. You should take into account this aspect. People in a dining room not only eat, they often have rest there, welcome guests, spend time with family.

First of all estimate the size of your dining room. Of course, it’s much easier to work with big dining room than with a small one. If the room is big you can afford a big dining table. If the room is small you should play about with lightning. Definitely, lightning is very important here, because we get used to eat in the light. If there is poor natural lightning, use more artificial one, use spot lightning. Mirrors in a small dining room are a must. They will help you to enlarge the space and add light.

The next task is to examine the shape of your dining room. Shape and placement of furniture will depend on this point. Placement of decorative fixtures is also according to shape of the place.

What decorations can be used? Use here the same stuff as in other rooms: flowers, family photos; but also don’t forget about specific things: panel picture with grace before meat, for example.