15 Cozy Dorm Room Decoration Ideas

15 Cozy Dorm Room Decorations

If you are a student living in a dorm, you exactly want to live somewhere else. This place can hardly be qualified as a homelike one. All of us want to live in comfortable and cozy spaces, but when we study we often cannot choose. And what should you do in such situation? Should you accept it? Of course, no. Below you’ll find some ideas how to decorate your dorm room.

In the first place you should define aspects which will help you to understand what and how you will decorate. You live alone in the room or have neighbors; what size and shape your room has; if natural light is poor or not; if artificial light is enough.

When all aspects are marked you can settle down to decoration itself. Don’t forget about the main idea – you need a cozy space as a result. Use photos of your family and friends to make garlands, or just put them in frames, or make a heart of photos or even fill a whole wall with them.  Laundry baskets can be used as drawers, for example. You can use blackboard and chalks as a planner. And as seats you can use different boxes and pillows.

Enjoy decorating your dorm room!


15 Quirky Tiny House Decorations

15 Quirky Tiny House Decorations

Tiny houses become more and more popular. But many people don’t know what tiny house looks like and why somebody wants to live there.  Let’s try to puzzle out.

First of all, living in a tiny house is very thrifty. Your utility bills can be almost nothing in comparison with big house or spacious apartment bills. You can have additional money and spend them on travelling, for example, or something else. The next reason for living in such house is its queerness. Great many people want to have an unusual home, but almost all of them cannot afford it. Tiny houses have reasonable price, but they are very quirky.

The size of a tiny house is usually about forty square meters. All stuff in a tiny house is tiny too, of course. You should be ready to use tiny sink and take a shower in extremely tight shower unit. Beds can be located under the floor or one over another. You can find no familiar wardrobe there, because it also can be under the floor. Or clothes can be kept in drawers into the ladder. A tiny house can be two or even three-storied. Certainly, levels will be tiny too.

Enjoy watching some tiny house decoration ideas!


12 Diy Ideas- Antique Your Furnitures

12 Diy Ideas- Antique Your Furnitures

Many people want to have something very old in their houses to be proud of it. For example, to tell such stories as “this cupboard fell to me from my grandma and she got it from her aunt-cousin”. Or because such furniture can make one’s heart soar and all the guests would be thrilled. Or just because antique stuff is beautiful.

Many people want, but very little have. Now we want to advise you how to change the situation for the better. You can take your ordinary furniture and distress it. It’s so simple! You need minimum skills and money and about 2 days of your time. Ready? Get on with it!

Let’s get back to our cupboard. We’ll take modern one and make it antique. First of all we should clean the cupboard, remove doors and hardware. Then we should sand the surface using a sander and sandpaper. The next step is primer and paint. We apply a thin coat of primer and then 2 coats of paint. The last one is applied by brush and then the previous is still wet. After that we re-sand our cupboard and put the finishing coats of stain and polyurethane. In the end we install doors and hardware. It’s better to buy another hardware in antique shop.

That’s all! Now you are a happy owner of antique cupboard!

14 Diy Recycled Jeans Ideas

14 Diy Recycled Jeans Ideas

Do it yourself activity is always a creative work. Sometimes ideas for this work are surprising and odd. For example, one of them is recycling jeans for interior design. What can be more unexpected? Let’s consider this idea.

Almost all of us wear jeans and have several pairs. Sometimes they get old or go out of date or we just get bored of them. You can throw them away. But if you are a DIY addicted person, you never do this. Why? You will make many cozy things for your house, of course.

The most essential part of regular jeans is their hip pockets. You cannot imagine how much you can make from them. Sew them down to any piece of cloth and hang it in your working area. It can be used for storage all stuff that you need working at desk: pens, pencils, markers, scissors, rulers, erasers, staplers and so on. Make coach cushion from jeans and you will never lose your remote control because it can be kept in hip pocket. Sew round some furniture with jeans cloth, for example, chairs, and they will become modern and jaunty. Make a jeans table napkin and put flatware in a pocket. It’ll look so coolly and graceful at the same time.

Enjoy these and other ideas at our pics!


16 Diy Recycle Storage Ideas

Stuff storage in a house gives you freedom to decide how it can be. There are so many ideas which you can bring to life with your own hands. If you like DIY activity, there can be much to do.

There are so many ideas because we keep things almost everywhere at home; there is something to store in every room. Let’s consider some examples. You can use jars for products and spices storage in your kitchen, for toothpaste and toothbrushes storage in your bathroom, for keeping little things, such as buttons, threads and so on. One more universal thing for storage is woven basket. It also can be used in every room. In bathroom you can keep towels in baskets, in bedroom you can put pajamas there, in kitchen you can use them for bread storage, etc. The next example is carton boxes. There can be kept not only shoes. Take color paper and other decoration stuff and make such box good-looking. Now you can use it like a jewel-case or cosmetic case or box for important little things. There are also many odd, but elegant, ideas like using a bottle carrier as a towel rail.

Enjoy photos and feel inspired!


15 Diy Floating Shelve Selections

15 Diy Floating Shelve Selections

Floating shelves are very popular among DIY projects. They are simple to make, materials for them cost almost nothing, and they are very useful indeed. You can put on floating shelves anything you want. There can be your photos, some pictures, vases, something you brought from a vacation, even heavy stuff. Floating shelves are strong in addition.

These shelves were popular about fifty years ago and came back nowadays as any other good idea. We make them the same way as there and then. It’s just a box hanging on brackets which are hidden inside the box. Floating shelves fit minimalist interior design because they have no external visible holdings. They look as if they are “floating” on the wall.

And some practical advises in the end. If you are going to paint walls, do it before hanging shelves not to bedaub them. And it would be much easier if you paint shelves before install them. Floating shelves can be made from a half of hollow core door, so from two halves of the door you will get two shelves. And the last remark, these shelves are impossible to remove without breaking them, they are permanent. But there is no problem, because you always can make a new one.


16 Classy Home Decoration- Tile Arts With Eastern Motifs

16 Classy Home Decoration- Tile Arts With Eastern Motifs

Middle East attracts us with its beauty and inscrutability. If you ever been there you certainly want to come back. Its architecture is so rich in decoration and ornaments that you would like to admire it more and more. What about taking this beauty home?

It’s very easy if this refers to tile arts. These little pieces of art, in the truest and figurative senses of the word, are able to bring an oriental fairy tale to your house. Tiles are not only eye-filling, but also user-friendly. They are easy to wash, waterproof, wearproof and easy on the pocket that is worthy of note.

Where can you use them? You wouldn’t believe, but in every room. In bathroom you can put tiles to walls and floor. In entrance hall tiles will also look fine and perform the practical functions. In kitchen they can lay over floor, table working surface, area near kitchen stove. In living room and bedrooms tiles can be used as a decoration of fireplace or pieces of wall or floor decorations.

But let’s return to Ottoman motifs in tiles. They will make your home cozy and enigmatic. This tile art is another world itself, and if you want to become utterly absorbed in it, just buy it and take home.


15 Diy Wall Library For Bookworm

15 Diy Wall Library Ideas

To read or not to read? That isn’t a question for people who like reading, for so called bookworms. They read much and certainly have many books. These books need a place in a house and it would be better if the place is eye-filling. Let’s look through some DIY ideas how to make a wall library for a bookworm. Do-it-your-shelf instead of Do-it-yourself 😉

Bookshelves can be different. They can be ordinary and dull or unusual and fresh. What do you think about shelves in the shape of a tree? It seems to be a good idea, because of association that books are made from trees. Shelves can be located on branches or in the body of the “tree”. And what about two stepladders which with the help of planks form extraordinary shelves? It looks really great and can be used not only for books. Other idea is shelves in the form of words. For example, a word “READ” or a word “BOOKS”. There also can be shapes of people, animals, and others. Don’t forget about such a thing like bookmarker, it can be also a shelf for one book. Just put a stick at right angles to the wall and you’ll get two-in-one: shelf and bookmarker.


15 Diy Mason Jar Craft Projects

15 Diy Mason Jar Craft Projects

Mason jar is a perfect material for DIY. It’s very cheap and you can find it almost in every house. In addition it’s impossible to count how many crafts you can make from a mason jar. There is a plenty of ideas.

Let’s consider some of them. If you put a candle and some gravel inside your mason jars you will get pretty candleholders. Gravel will keep candles plumb. Mason jars can become elegant round photo frames if you put your photos inside. Mason jars also can be used as glass lamp shades. Of course, you can use jars for keeping bulky products, such as whole bean coffee, pasta or candies, and decorating your house with them. Put plastic toys, like Lego dolls, and some soap into a mason jar and a cock at the top, and you’ll get an amusing container for liquid soap. You can use your mason jars in the garden for feeding birds. Just put inside some grains and hang jars on a tree. And you can collect coins using a jar as a still bank if you make a cut-out on a cover. The last one and the most popular idea is mason jars using as vases or pots for flowers.

Choosing any idea you should decide to paint your jars, swift them with beautiful fabric or leave them clear. Good luck!



9 Colorful Diy Mosaic Vases

9 Colorful Diy Mosaic Vases

Mosaic vases came in modern life from ancient Greece. Ancient Greek culture was full of different types of art. They tried to decorate the world around and all parts of their lives. Nowadays mosaic vases are so popular not only because of their beauty. They are easy to make by your own hands. And there are a lot of do-it-yourself examples in support of it.

It is really easy. You can take a regular vase and make it mosaic. What should you have more? For example, pieces of color glass and glue. Just break some bottles of different colors and you will get these dear pieces. Then glue them to your regular vase and it will become mosaic one. You can take not only a vase, but something what can be a vase: flower pot, bottle, jar, glass and so on. Instead of pieces of color glass there can be pieces of mirror. You also can use stones, coins or buttons. You can even take egg shell and a mason jar. Put egg shell to the jar with glue and after that paint your vase with water colors.

There are a lot of variants how to decorate your home with mosaic vases. Choose any!