12 Diy Ideas- Antique Your Furnitures

Many people want to have something very old in their houses to be proud of it. For example, to tell such stories as “this cupboard fell to me from my grandma and she got it from her aunt-cousin”. Or because such furniture can make one’s heart soar and all the guests would be thrilled. Or just because antique stuff is beautiful.

Many people want, but very little have. Now we want to advise you how to change the situation for the better. You can take your ordinary furniture and distress it. It’s so simple! You need minimum skills and money and about 2 days of your time. Ready? Get on with it!

Let’s get back to our cupboard. We’ll take modern one and make it antique. First of all we should clean the cupboard, remove doors and hardware. Then we should sand the surface using a sander and sandpaper. The next step is primer and paint. We apply a thin coat of primer and then 2 coats of paint. The last one is applied by brush and then the previous is still wet. After that we re-sand our cupboard and put the finishing coats of stain and polyurethane. In the end we install doors and hardware. It’s better to buy another hardware in antique shop.

That’s all! Now you are a happy owner of antique cupboard!

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