13 Entrance Hall Decoration Ideas

You may think that entrance hall design is not important task, because we don’t spend much time there, just go through it. But there is another aspect. Entrance hall is a face of our home, it’s a first thing what our guests see when coming in. And a face must be beautiful, mustn’t it? If you agree, this article is for you. Let’s talk about entrance hall design.

The most difficult part of task is entrance hall itself, its size and shape. If you own an ordinary flat, your entrance hall is small and square or it is a long tight corridor where two people can hardly cross. But you should put there seasonal outer garments and footwear, a chair, a shelf for accessories (keys, umbrellas, gloves and so on) and may be a mirror. It becomes clear that entrance hall design isn’t an easy task. After all you shouldn’t forget about good look.

We’ve already found out that entrance hall design planning depends on its functionality. Now let’s talk about walls and floor. Entrance halls are often so small that you should use light colors, mirrors and horizontal patterns for walls decoration. All these methods will help you to increase space visually. Floor should be waterproof and easy to clean. Glazed tile is an ideal material for the floor. But you can use parquet, if you want, protected it with waterproof rug.

Keep in mind lightning solutions for entrance hall. It will be better if you have more sources of light here.

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