14 Diy Recycled Jeans Ideas

Do it yourself activity is always a creative work. Sometimes ideas for this work are surprising and odd. For example, one of them is recycling jeans for interior design. What can be more unexpected? Let’s consider this idea.

Almost all of us wear jeans and have several pairs. Sometimes they get old or go out of date or we just get bored of them. You can throw them away. But if you are a DIY addicted person, you never do this. Why? You will make many cozy things for your house, of course.

The most essential part of regular jeans is their hip pockets. You cannot imagine how much you can make from them. Sew them down to any piece of cloth and hang it in your working area. It can be used for storage all stuff that you need working at desk: pens, pencils, markers, scissors, rulers, erasers, staplers and so on. Make coach cushion from jeans and you will never lose your remote control because it can be kept in hip pocket. Sew round some furniture with jeans cloth, for example, chairs, and they will become modern and jaunty. Make a jeans table napkin and put flatware in a pocket. It’ll look so coolly and graceful at the same time.

Enjoy these and other ideas at our pics!

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