15 Cozy Dorm Room Decorations

If you are a student living in a dorm, you exactly want to live somewhere else. This place can hardly be qualified as a homelike one. All of us want to live in comfortable and cozy spaces, but when we study we often cannot choose. And what should you do in such situation? Should you accept it? Of course, no. Below you’ll find some ideas how to decorate your dorm room.

In the first place you should define aspects which will help you to understand what and how you will decorate. You live alone in the room or have neighbors; what size and shape your room has; if natural light is poor or not; if artificial light is enough.

When all aspects are marked you can settle down to decoration itself. Don’t forget about the main idea – you need a cozy space as a result. Use photos of your family and friends to make garlands, or just put them in frames, or make a heart of photos or even fill a whole wall with them.  Laundry baskets can be used as drawers, for example. You can use blackboard and chalks as a planner. And as seats you can use different boxes and pillows.

Enjoy decorating your dorm room!

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