15 Diy Floating Shelve Selections

Floating shelves are very popular among DIY projects. They are simple to make, materials for them cost almost nothing, and they are very useful indeed. You can put on floating shelves anything you want. There can be your photos, some pictures, vases, something you brought from a vacation, even heavy stuff. Floating shelves are strong in addition.

These shelves were popular about fifty years ago and came back nowadays as any other good idea. We make them the same way as there and then. It’s just a box hanging on brackets which are hidden inside the box. Floating shelves fit minimalist interior design because they have no external visible holdings. They look as if they are “floating” on the wall.

And some practical advises in the end. If you are going to paint walls, do it before hanging shelves not to bedaub them. And it would be much easier if you paint shelves before install them. Floating shelves can be made from a half of hollow core door, so from two halves of the door you will get two shelves. And the last remark, these shelves are impossible to remove without breaking them, they are permanent. But there is no problem, because you always can make a new one.

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