15 Diy Mason Jar Craft Projects

Mason jar is a perfect material for DIY. It’s very cheap and you can find it almost in every house. In addition it’s impossible to count how many crafts you can make from a mason jar. There is a plenty of ideas.

Let’s consider some of them. If you put a candle and some gravel inside your mason jars you will get pretty candleholders. Gravel will keep candles plumb. Mason jars can become elegant round photo frames if you put your photos inside. Mason jars also can be used as glass lamp shades. Of course, you can use jars for keeping bulky products, such as whole bean coffee, pasta or candies, and decorating your house with them. Put plastic toys, like Lego dolls, and some soap into a mason jar and a cock at the top, and you’ll get an amusing container for liquid soap. You can use your mason jars in the garden for feeding birds. Just put inside some grains and hang jars on a tree. And you can collect coins using a jar as a still bank if you make a cut-out on a cover. The last one and the most popular idea is mason jars using as vases or pots for flowers.

Choosing any idea you should decide to paint your jars, swift them with beautiful fabric or leave them clear. Good luck!


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