15 Diy Wall Library Ideas

To read or not to read? That isn’t a question for people who like reading, for so called bookworms. They read much and certainly have many books. These books need a place in a house and it would be better if the place is eye-filling. Let’s look through some DIY ideas how to make a wall library for a bookworm. Do-it-your-shelf instead of Do-it-yourself 😉

Bookshelves can be different. They can be ordinary and dull or unusual and fresh. What do you think about shelves in the shape of a tree? It seems to be a good idea, because of association that books are made from trees. Shelves can be located on branches or in the body of the “tree”. And what about two stepladders which with the help of planks form extraordinary shelves? It looks really great and can be used not only for books. Other idea is shelves in the form of words. For example, a word “READ” or a word “BOOKS”. There also can be shapes of people, animals, and others. Don’t forget about such a thing like bookmarker, it can be also a shelf for one book. Just put a stick at right angles to the wall and you’ll get two-in-one: shelf and bookmarker.

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