15 Living Room Decorations That You Will Feel Cozy

15 Living Room Decorations That You Will Feel Cozy

Design of living room is one of the most difficult tasks in interior design. Usually living room is the biggest room, which is located in the middle of the apartment or house. It’s important to make it cozy, comfortable and multifunctional, but not just walkthrough. Living room has so many functions: it’s a lounge, a dining room, a room where we welcome guests and their bedroom, a room for all family holidays and just a place where a family meet. Design of a living room must meet requirements of all these functions.

Let’s think over some trends in design, which will help you to define your own style.

Classic style. All the items create a smooth outfit, there are no loud details. Soft lines, traditional furniture. Don’t forget about accessories , which will be performed in classic style, of course.

Modern. Extraordinary furniture, pictures and accessories, bright colors and odd shapes. Modern is always an experiment. It’s a style for brave ones.

High Tech. Key concepts here are functionality, minimalism and  modernity. Furniture is comfortable, but without excess details, minimum colors, tailor and clear lines.

Country. This style is also called village style. Simple details, natural materials, wooden or cane furniture, antique accessories. It’s a very soft and romantic style.

Pop Art. It was created to astonish. Very bright colors, eye-catching shapes, repeating decoration elements, using of plastic – all these things differ Pop Art from other styles.

Let’s look at some useful living room decorations. We hope pictures below will help you.