16 Diy Recycle Storage Ideas

Stuff storage in a house gives you freedom to decide how it can be. There are so many ideas which you can bring to life with your own hands. If you like DIY activity, there can be much to do.

There are so many ideas because we keep things almost everywhere at home; there is something to store in every room. Let’s consider some examples. You can use jars for products and spices storage in your kitchen, for toothpaste and toothbrushes storage in your bathroom, for keeping little things, such as buttons, threads and so on. One more universal thing for storage is woven basket. It also can be used in every room. In bathroom you can keep towels in baskets, in bedroom you can put pajamas there, in kitchen you can use them for bread storage, etc. The next example is carton boxes. There can be kept not only shoes. Take color paper and other decoration stuff and make such box good-looking. Now you can use it like a jewel-case or cosmetic case or box for important little things. There are also many odd, but elegant, ideas like using a bottle carrier as a towel rail.

Enjoy photos and feel inspired!

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