16 Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

The most romantic holiday in the year is, of course, Saint Valentine’s Day. Often we prepare for this day in advance, we make or buy valentine cards, we think over what to wear, where to go, what gifts to give and so on.  There is one more question – how to decorate your home to make happy your loved one.

This question has many answers and the most interesting certainly are DIY ideas. Let’s start from the simplest. Take scissors and color paper and cut out many valentines. You can decorate with them almost everything in your house: walls, ceiling, floor, curtains, your bed… Whatever you want. You can also make garlands from valentines. Next traditional decoration material for St. Valentine’s Day is roses and rose petals. Petals like valentines can be everywhere, but the most sensible is to put them on your bed or in the bath. Add candles there. Next thing is your photos, which also can be a piece of decoration. Use them in garlands and among valentines. And don’t forget about balloons, they always make a holiday joyful. Balloons can be decorated with glitter. And the most creative decoration stuff is small love letters, which also can be everywhere.

We wish you really happy St. Valentine’s Day! Love and be loved!

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