17 Fireplace Decoration Ideas

Fireplace is the coziest thing in a house. Of course, if you have it. Fireplaces can be very different: big or small, from red bricks or from stones, real or fake, heating or not, placed in a living room or in a bedroom, and so on. But it is always a thing that gathers people together in evenings.

Now we want to give you some ideas how to decorate your fireplace. Certainly, photos of your family are at the first place. They can be put into frames, or got together in garlands, or even occupy the whole wall behind the fireplace. The next most popular decorations are vases and flowers. Flowers can be not only inside vases, but also be like floral wreath on your fireplace. One more idea is wall clock. People can endless look at fire, so a clock nearby wouldn’t be redundant. There also can be pictures, a mirror in a beautiful mount and even a TV set above the fireplace. And a sign plate containing favorite quotation can be hanging there.

In Christmas fireplaces are decorated more carefully. Candles, socks, gifts, Christmas balls, fir branches appear on them. However, candles may stay there all year round, they add romance to atmosphere.

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