18 Dining Room Decorating Ideas

Dining room isn’t an easy space for decoration. This room performs the functions of two other rooms in a house: kitchen and living room. You should take into account this aspect. People in a dining room not only eat, they often have rest there, welcome guests, spend time with family.

First of all estimate the size of your dining room. Of course, it’s much easier to work with big dining room than with a small one. If the room is big you can afford a big dining table. If the room is small you should play about with lightning. Definitely, lightning is very important here, because we get used to eat in the light. If there is poor natural lightning, use more artificial one, use spot lightning. Mirrors in a small dining room are a must. They will help you to enlarge the space and add light.

The next task is to examine the shape of your dining room. Shape and placement of furniture will depend on this point. Placement of decorative fixtures is also according to shape of the place.

What decorations can be used? Use here the same stuff as in other rooms: flowers, family photos; but also don’t forget about specific things: panel picture with grace before meat, for example.

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