19 Home Decoration Ideas For Everyone

19 Home Decoration Ideas For Everyone

Interior design is a design sector, which is aimed at accommodation interior to assure comfort and esthetic cooperation between environment and people. Interior design includes art and industrial design. In accordance with client’s specifications designer optimizes accommodations, improves navigation, works out decoration scheme, which is suitable for accommodation role. Designer controls the process of interior decoration starting with planning of space, lightning, air ventilation system, architectural acoustics, wall finish, and ending with furniture location.

Interior design as a part of architecture includes variety of styles which were appeared in different historical eras. The same accommodation can be decorated in different styles: Modern, High Tech and so on. Quantity of interior styles is much more than architectural ones.

To draw out interior design you should start with interior design plans and specifications, which include functional and design solutions. Outline plan and sketches are composed after accommodation measurements. Than designer offers the client some layout versions, which will necessarily includes furniture placement and accommodation functional zoning. After zoning is confirmed by the client the next stage starts. It’s a stage of working out the projects of electrical appliance positions; walls, ceiling and floor decoration plans; furniture and plumbing equipment placement.

The finishing stage of interior design plans and specifications is its realization. Designer controls carrying-out of clients’ requirements, in other words controls repair crew. Designer also fills in documents confirming expendable materials costs.

Why do we need interior design? The answer is simple – just for life. Comfortable interior defines good quality of our life.