19 Useful Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Bathroom is the most often used place in every home. You visit this place minimum two times a day: in the morning, to wake up and get prepared for the new day, and in the evening, to leave the tiredness of the day before having rest.

How to decorate the bathroom? There are a lot of options and some determinative factors. Decoration of the bathroom depends on the next factors: size, is it connected with the toilet or separated, the quantity of bathrooms in the house, preferences and architectural taste of the owner.
If the quantity of bathrooms is more than one (it’s great, but seldom encountered), you can think about installing a shower to one room and a bath to other room. If the room is big enough, then it’s possible to build a Finnish or Turkish bath. You can enjoy it in special days. If there is only one room in the house and it’s big, there will be a normal bath, and in a small room there will be a shower, because it takes smaller place.
In small bathrooms eighter may be used small sinks or ıt can be removed completely. If you need a bigger place for your dream decoration you can move excess stuff to other rooms: installing washing machine in the kitchen, laundry basket to the cupboard, hairdryer and cosmetics to the chest of drawers in the bedroom. A stylish mirror is the indispensible piece of a bathroom. Don’t forget about the humidity and don’t hesitate to buy a mirror made of waterproof materials.

The colour and the light desicions will reflect your fantasy.

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