20 Unusual Buildings

Many people in modern world live in houses and apartments. And greater part of these homes is almost the same. They have different locations, sizes, zoning, inside and outside decorations, but they are usual and common to us. But just imagine what can happen if everyone can live in a dream house. Most people will choose unusual houses rather than ordinary ones.

One is the tallest in the world, another has a shape of giant basket, one more is dancing and other is sculptured in the living rock. There so many ideas! You will be surprised, but some crazy ideas were brought to life. There are many unusual architectural wonders all over the world. You can find them even strange and odd, but they are beautiful, because unique.

Look at these wonder houses. They can be made in stones, turned on its head or its edge; they can look like fell to pieces or like a spaceship; they can take the shape of containers, capsules, and even shoes, mushrooms and kettles!

But the most interesting architectural wonders seem to be old ones. Modern unusual houses are only the idea of an architect which is easy to bring to life with the help of money. And the ancient ones, they always have secrets and hold occult within themselves.

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