21 Diy Colorful Home Lighting Ideas

Do-it-yourself activities become more and more popular. There are so many things that you can make with your own hands and so many ideas how to do it. Here we would like to talk about DIY lightning ideas.

They can be indoors and outdoors, for everyday or for party, Christmas ones and so on. For example, you can make different lampshades from paper, cloth, corrugate paper or even jam jars. You can also paint these materials. The next interesting and often used material in lightning is fairy lights. It can be used not only at Christmas time, but every day. Where? Of course, in your bedroom. Fairy lights will make this room much more cozy and romantic. As for Christmas decoration garlands are used in many options. You can decorate fur-tree, walls inside and outside the house, your garden with light balls made from fairy lights. For Christmas lightning decorations you can also use candles, pinecones, fir branches and ribbons. Candles can be put in glassworks not to set a fire. You can use even glassware and wine bottles. One more idea for your garden is to put lamps in glass pots and then use them like pots for flowers.

Enjoy our lightning ideas and think over your own. Good luck!

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