26 Best Cottage Design Ideas

Some people are dreaming about living in cottages, other ones are living there. And almost all of us are interested in cottage design. Country style, a lot of wood and red bricks, cane furniture, fireplace and cute curtains are the calling card of every cottage.  Let’s speak about some cottage design ideas.

Fireplace should occupy the central part of the cottage, rather the central part of its living room. It can be made of red bricks and decorated with wood and stones or kept without decoration. Cane furniture looks great all around the cottage, even in kitchen and bathroom. Also use woven baskets in all rooms for different purposes: in bathroom you can keep towels there, in kitchen – bread and other products, in bedroom – blankets, for example. Two-tier beds are a great idea for nurseries. Children like them and they look homely. One more idea is about vintage furniture. If you cannot afford real vintage stuff, you can do it yourself. You should make new furniture look old. It’s not as complicated as it seems to be.

Pastel and warm colors are often used in cottages. Big windows are also a must here. The more light you have, the cozier will be your cottage.

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