9 Colorful Diy Mosaic Vases

Mosaic vases came in modern life from ancient Greece. Ancient Greek culture was full of different types of art. They tried to decorate the world around and all parts of their lives. Nowadays mosaic vases are so popular not only because of their beauty. They are easy to make by your own hands. And there are a lot of do-it-yourself examples in support of it.

It is really easy. You can take a regular vase and make it mosaic. What should you have more? For example, pieces of color glass and glue. Just break some bottles of different colors and you will get these dear pieces. Then glue them to your regular vase and it will become mosaic one. You can take not only a vase, but something what can be a vase: flower pot, bottle, jar, glass and so on. Instead of pieces of color glass there can be pieces of mirror. You also can use stones, coins or buttons. You can even take egg shell and a mason jar. Put egg shell to the jar with glue and after that paint your vase with water colors.

There are a lot of variants how to decorate your home with mosaic vases. Choose any!

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