18 Fairy Garden Ideas

Sometimes all of us need a fairy tale. Our life is too much real. We have so many problems to solve and tasks to decide, that certainly need some time and space to have a rest. We should take some time out to stop and enjoy life. How to do it? You have to find some kind of activity after your own heart.

One example of such activity is for your attention in this article. It’s a fairy garden made by your hands. You can put it in your real garden or even in your house or apartment. It needs a little place. This do-it-yourself activity is very interesting, lets you forget about everything and can bring you a real relaxation.

Here you will find 18 DIY fairy garden ideas. Just look how it can be fascinating. If you have only several sticks, you can make so much stuff from them: fences, tables, chairs, roads and even whole trees. Take a little piece of cloth and you will have a tent or a scarecrow in your fairy garden. You can also make a waterfall with the help of shells and roof tile from coins. There are so many ideas!

Enjoy your fairy garden! Let a fairy tale come into your life!

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